is to create the finest tasting grassfed beef, lamb, and poultry in a wholesome, humane, and environmentally conscious manner, supplying chefs and consumers meat exclusively from free-range animals in peak condition and in season, every day of the year.



Bill Niman, a founding partner of BN Ranch, widely considered the "godfather of sustainable meat,” began supplying meat from carefully raised animals to restaurants and retail stores in the 1970s. Among Bill’s first customers were some of the country’s most revered restaurants, including Chez Panisse and Zuni Café. This grew into Niman Ranch, which became the nation’s premier natural meat company, trusted by chefs and consumers for offering consistently delicious beef, lamb, and pork from sustainable farms and ranches. Today, Bill Niman brings the same passion for eating quality and sustainable animal husbandry to BN Ranch. His deep knowledge and broad experience enables us to establish our own unique set of criteria for sustainability and humane animal treatment. We are confident in saying the quality of BN Ranch meats is unsurpassed. 


Our commitment to slaughtering animals only when truly in peak condition requires us to follow the wisdom of nature’s seasons, based on temperatures, sunlight, and rainfall. We allow each of our animals to mate naturally, to grow at a natural pace, and to lead lives and eat foods compatible with their particular needs and instincts. Our cattle and sheep spend all of their days foraging on pastures and rangelands, and we harvest them directly off highly nutritious meadows of grasses, legumes and forbs. For our heritage turkeys, we follow the natural mating seasons of our heritage breeding flock, which dictates that eggs are laid and babies are hatched only in spring. We raise them through spring, summer, and fall until they reach maturity in late fall. There is good reason turkey was the centerpiece at the first Thanksgiving feast! 


At every stage, all BN Ranch animals are handled with care and in a manner that respects their natures. Their days are spent in environments appropriate for their needs and instincts, exercising, breathing fresh air, grazing, and foraging, which helps avoid the digestive distress and other health problems often experienced by conventionally raised animals due to crowded conditions, conventional diets, and inactivity. Our turkey flocks can express natural behaviors and always have plenty of room to roam, inside and outside. All of our animals are transported carefully and only when necessary. They are as close as possible to the abattoir, reducing the stress of handling prior to slaughter. A senior member of the BN Ranch team (often Bill Niman himself) is always present at every occasion when our animals are slaughtered. 


We believe in taking a holistic approach to animal husbandry, always striving to do what is best, from birth to death, for each individual animal. Our most important strategy for keeping our animals healthy is preventative: providing them wholesome diets, low-stress living conditions, exercise, sunshine, and fresh air. Occasionally, an animal falls ill and needs to be treated with antibiotics. While we never use antibiotics subtherapeutically, we do not believe in sitting back and watching an animal suffer when we have an effective, responsible treatment at our disposal. 


Carefully stewarded herds and flocks play an essential role in bio-regenerative food systems that continually protect, restore, and replenish natural resources. For our cattle herds and sheep flocks, we use rotational practices that mimic the patterns of ancient and pre-historic herbivores, improve soil fertility and water-holding capacity, reduce soil erosion and increase carbon sequestration. In raising our turkeys, we do not use waste ponds and return all of the manure back to the land as composted fertilizer. 


For many reasons, including meat eating quality, environmental impact, and animal welfare, we consider it essential to farm and ranch in the most appropriate locations and physical environments. Bill Niman has vocally advocated for years that when it comes to meat, it’s more important to focus on the question of “locale” than “local.” Today’s shipping methods make transporting meat surprisingly efficient, and unlike most other foods, beef actually benefits from additional time in a temperature-controlled environment. We are purveyors of local when the meats we raise are in season in this geography.  But meat differs markedly from fruit. Peaches and tomatoes picked green and shipped half-way around the world will never compare to fresh summer fruit ripened on the tree or vine. By contrast, grassfed meat is best when harvested according to the globe’s grass seasons, which is actually optimal for eating quality. We believe animals should be raised where they thrive and where they ecologically belong. They should be slaughtered when in peak condition and at the right moment according to the grasses. Their meat should then be transported to eaters. This approach creates best in season meat, every day of the year. 

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All of our beef is truly grassfed -- grass-grown and grass-finished. It comes exclusively from animals slaughtered when forages are at their finest, and cattle are mature and have reached peak condition. We call this best in season and it’s how we create consistently superb beef. Whether on the home ranch in Bolinas, California, the hills of Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, or the expansive grasslands of western Canada, our cattle are always raised according to Bill Niman’s standards. We are directly involved in every stage of the process to ensure you have our best in season beef every time. To learn more about our beef program, click here.

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free range turkey

All BN Ranch turkey is from animals we own and raise directly, using humane and environmentally responsible practices to produce the highest quality meat. To achieve this, we are dedicated to harvesting turkeys in peak condition. A natural growth period creates a nurturing environment for the turkeys to be raised in, defines muscle texture and adds a depth of taste that can only come from happy, healthy birds. To learn more about our turkey program, click here.

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All of our lambs are truly grassfed. They are always humanely handled and fed only their mother's milk and the grasses, legumes, and forages on which they naturally graze. As livestock keepers have for thousands of years, shepherds, assisted by specially trained herding dogs, tend the flock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the valleys of Contra Costa County in Northern California. Lambs are bred to be vigorous and hearty while also making tender, delicious meat: Rambouillet ewes are crossed with rams that are Suffolk, Hampshire or Texel. To learn more about our lamb program, click here.


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Founder Bill Niman has been called “the country’s most provocative and persistent champion of sustainably and humanely raised livestock,” by the Southern Foodways Alliance, which named Bill as its Scholar in Residence for 2009. Every member of the BN Ranch team shares his vision for a healthy, humane, environmentally regenerative, high-quality food system.

Bill Niman


A pioneering rancher in the good meat movement, Bill has been called “The Guru of Happy Cows,” by the Los Angeles Times, “The Master of Meat,” by Wine Spectator magazine, “The Steve Jobs of Meat,” by Men’s Journal, and “Food Artisan of the Year,” by Bon Appetit magazine. He is the founder and former CEO of the natural meat company Niman Ranch, Inc. Bill lives with his wife, Nicolette, an environmental lawyer, and their two sons on their ranch in Northern California.



A veteran of the US poultry industry, Steve has spent his life developing poultry in the US and around the world. Using this experience to develop a sustainable and animal welfare-focused model of poultry production, he heads BN Ranch poultry farming. He is the former CEO of Nicholas, one of the world’s leading turkey genetics company. Steve is as hands-on as they come and is directly involved in the husbandry of our heritage and broad breasted turkeys.



A PhD in genetics and a sustainable food entrepreneur, Phil grew up on an olive ranch in Oroville, California. With his focus on sustainability, Phil has been instrumental in the development of environmentally sound fish farming. He also helped develop widely used pig and shrimp genetics, prior to joining forces with Bill and Steve to start BN Ranch.







All BN Ranch meat is traceable from its origins and is directly managed from farm to table by the people of BN Ranch.  None of our meat ever comes from sale yard animals, or animals outside of our network of farms and ranches.  We are proud to work with an exceptional group of farmers and ranchers – all of whom we personally know — who make this possible. They share our goals of delicious meat, high standards of animal care, and environmental stewardship.








BN Ranch is headquartered in Richmond, California. Our network of ranches gives us the freedom to practice true animal husbandry when animals come under our stewardship. In the pursuit of transparency, we believe it is important for consumers to understand our model of production and the relationship we have with the land we occupy. 



Los Vaqueros 

Livermore, CA

Our commitment to integrated rangeland management and habitat preservation, our ability to provide administrative and total site management, as well as our knowledge and techniques to promote threatened and endangered species habitat restoration and environmental reporting to public agencies has earned us the privilege of sharing and managing the Los Vaqueros Watershed public lands. The land serves as our winter pasture for cattle and is a cornerstone of our California beef program.


Ballico, CA

Our heritage and broad breasted turkeys are raised from poults at Hilltop Ranch. The spacious layout of the property allows us to keep low stocking densities in all of our barns, no matter our bird population. All waste is used to fertilize the surrounding almond orchards, eliminating the need for waste pools. 


Bolinas, CA

Our flagship ranch is home to the Niman family, our heritage turkey breeding flock, and cattle. As the first member of our beef network, all ranches we work with are held to the high standards set by the Niman's own operation.